Laura A. Pisaturo for RI Senate District 29, Warwick

An open letter to supporters

Dear Friends,

Thank you for your interest in my campaign for State Senate.  Although the result is not the one I worked and hoped for, I was touched by the support and enthusiasm of so many and stand very proud of our hard work.  We reached thousands of voters and had the highest voter turnout of any primary in the State.  Without a doubt, a race where a first-time candidate came within 227 votes of an 18 year incumbent is very credible indeed.

For me, meeting and talking with neighbors - old and new - was the best part of the campaign.  Listening to your concerns, your ideas, and your hopes for a better Rhode Island was inspiring and reinforced my commitment to work for change.  And just because we didn’t get the particular change that we hoped for, I know we made a difference

We made a difference and over 1600 of us were ready to say goodbye to:

  • the kind of insider politics that gives $75 million to one former baseball player and ignores the hundreds of small business owners who need just a fraction of that to grow and thrive
  • policies that favor the people with the most, rather than the people who need a little bit of help to get by and
  • the politics of division and inequality and replace them with inclusion, and compassion, and equality.

Together we envisioned a better way and we took a risk to make it happen! 

In view of our efforts, I ask that you make today a day of recommitment.  Recommit to work for a better Rhode Island and to expect more from your elected officials.  Call them, invite them to neighborhood meetings and challenge them to be present, accountable and to be the advocate you deserve at the State House. 

I look forward to seeing you in the neighborhood and working to bring us closer to the vision we imagine for Warwick and Rhode Island.

Laura Pisaturo


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